The Gene Council

The world of genetics is growing and changes quickly. At the Gene Council, our priority is helping you to find the best genetic service for you. We specialise in cancer genetics so that you have access to the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date advice.

Our Services

The Gene Council is a specialised private cancer genetic testing and counselling service local to Western Australia. We also provide expert advice and genetic education for professionals and organisations.

Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing appointments and genetic counselling at your convenience for specialised support online or by phone.


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Consultancy services to help a range of organisations make the most of genetic technology and knowledge to improve health.

Accessibility:  Anyone who is concerned about their risk of cancer can access our services with or without a referral. There are no eligibility criteria for an appointment or to access genetic testing.

Convenience:  Appointments are online or by phone without the need to attend a clinic appointment. Evening and weekend appointments are available. 

Value:  We provide a virtual and paperless service, helping you to access the best value, and you have the option of a fixed-price, all-inclusive service.

Choice: We can help you to choose the best test provider for your needs, including publicly funded testing if you are eligible.

Expertise:  With our specialist knowledge of cancer genetics you have access to current, up to date, expert knowledge and information. We use our extensive local, national, and international relationships to benefit you.

Local: Our local knowledge and relationships mean that we can connect you to cancer specialists and support services in Western Australia.

Unique:  Our service is unique in providing a virtual, board certified, cancer specialist genetic service, local to Western Australia.

All appointments are provided online or by phone.

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