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Genetic Testing

Our services are for anyone who is concerned about their risk of cancer, with or without a referral. There are no eligibility criteria for appointments or to access genetic testing. All appointments are online by video, or by phone.

Our Services

You can book online or contact us for an appointment online, by phone, or at our monthly Bunbury clinic.  Evening and weekend appointments are also available (see After Hours Appointments). We will ask for payment details to secure your booking, but you will only be billed after your appointment.

Sample shipping costs will apply from December 2023.

First Appointment



This appointment is to talk about your situation and family history. We can help you to decide about testing, choose the right genetic test, and arrange the testing* (results are given at a review appointment). If you decide not to have testing we will still give you information about cancer risk and screening for you and your family.

*genetic test cost billed separately

Review or Results Appointment



A review appointment is important to discuss your genetic test results in detail, and gives you the chance to ask any other questions. Even if nothing is found, or if you haven’t had genetic testing, you may still be able to access extra screening and options to reduce your cancer risk. You can have as many appointments as you need to talk about any new information and have all of your questions answered.

Additional Fees

Genetic Tests



Invitae genetic tests cost approximately $450-525 Australian dollars, depending on the test.

We believe that Invitae tests offer you the best value for money, but we can also help you to choose the best test from other providers. Different options are available, and the costs may vary.

Limited Medicare rebates are available for some genetic tests, and we will work with your doctor to arrange this if possible.




Sample return shipping cost for tests ordered through Invitae.

After Hours Appointments



Early morning, evening and weekend appointments are available on request for an additional fee.

Weekday mornings 7:00AM-9:00AM
Weekday evenings 5:00AM-9:00PM
Weekends Sat/Sun 9:00AM-5:00PM

Family Appointment

per family member +$100


If you and your family members want to have testing at the same time, you may want to share your appointment. This fee is for each additional person having testing at the appointment.

All appointments are provided online or by phone.

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