Understanding your risk

There is a lot of information about cancer risk and genetics on the internet, and not all of it is reliable. It is important that you have the best information to help you to decide whether genetic testing will answer your questions. We have collected some reliable resources to help you learn more about:

  • Your risk of cancer based on your family history, lifestyle, and environment
  • Genetics and the link between genes and cancer
  • Supports that are available to help you cope with and modify your cancer risk

Understanding Risk – For You

Pink Hope Logo

Know Your Risk is a simple questionnaire to help you assess your personal risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.

iPrevent logo

iPrevent is a web-based tool to help you understand and make decisions about your personal breast cancer risk, and help you to discuss with your doctors.

Understanding Risk – For Your Doctor

eviQ logo

eviQ is a free resource of evidence-based, consensus driven cancer treatment protocols and information developed for the Australian context to support health professionals in the delivery of cancer treatments at the point of care.

CanRisk web tool logo

The CanRisk tool allows for reliable breast and ovarian cancer risk prediction, based on the BOADICEA  algorithm, using breast cancer genetic susceptibility, polygenic risk scores, family history, lifestyle, hormonal and reproductive risk factors, and mammographic density.

BRCAsses Logo

Assess your patients’ eligibility for MBS funded BRCA testing. BRCAssess is available through the myINTERACT app.

HealthPathways WA logo

HealthPathways is web-based information portal supporting primary care clinicians to plan patient care through primary, community and secondary health care systems within Western Australia.

Understanding Genetics

Center For Genetics Education Logo

Centre for Genetics Education is a NSW-based education service providing people with the skills and knowledge to manage the impact of genetic and genomic technologies.

Australian Genomics Health Alliance Logo

Australian Genomics gives reliable, up-to-date information on genomic testing, and what it might mean for you.

Community Support

Breast Cancer Network Australia Logo

Breast Cancer Network Australia is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer.

Cancer Council WA Logo

Cancer Council WA provides cancer support services, research, and prevention programs.

Lynch Syndrome Australia Logo

Lynch Syndrome Australia empowers Australians to investigate their risk, educating the medical profession and achieving equity in access, diagnosis, treatment and hope.

Ovarian Cancer Australia Logo

Ovarian Cancer Australia supports those affected by ovarian cancer, giving them a voice, facilitating research, and raising awareness on a national scale.

Pink hope logo

Pink Hope is a preventative health hub that allows every individual the necessary tools to assess, manage and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, while providing personalised support for at risk women.

Solaris Cancer Care Logo

Solaris Cancer Care is the leading Western Australian cancer support service provider caring for people with cancer and their families, and a leading authority on integrating natural and complementary therapies with conventional care.

All appointments are provided by phone or video conference.